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Customer Feedback (No I don't post the bad stuff - Ha)


Hey Brett, I just wanted to let you know I am very happy with the whole air compressor setup I got from you. It has been in my opinion
one of the top two best investments I have made in the jeep.

You also are the ONLY person I have bought parts from that I didnt have something go wrong. You are truly a dying breed as a business. There really isn't anyone around any more that sells a good product without the bullshit you have to deal with. I just really wanted to thank you and let you know months after the purchase I am grateful for all the
help and your excellent product.

I sincerely hope that this product reaps many rewards and profits for you. You deserve it.


Hi Brett...

   I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how incredibly happy I am with the Hi-Lift Mount.  Barely a day goes by that someone does not compliment me on the quality, look, or functionality of the mount.  So if you begin receiving more orders from South Florida, don't be surprised, as I have been passing your name and website around quite a bit.  Thanks again!

Secondly, I am interested in adding on your Cat-Back Exhaust, Evap Relocator, and AEM Brute Fortce Intake systems. (what can I say- I was so impressed with the mount, you have made me a full time customer!) 
Keep up the good work!!!

Ordered two seats and they arrived. A shipping mess up happened and was cleared up instantly. One of the best sellers I have ever purchased from and at the best price. If I could buy from JeepSwag exclusively I would. It's very rare that this level of service at this low of price go together.  LINK TO POST


I just wanted to give JeepSwag some recognition for his outstanding customer service. I had a small issue with one of the seats and he went out of his way to make it right.
Great vendor, great seats, and stand up guy! Thanks!
Deadman 94 XJ


Brett thanks for the call today about the bumper - that is what I call good quality service. Can't wait to install it this weekend. 
Guys I'll post some pics when I'm done. Jeepswag is two thumbs up!


woods. id like to say, looking at your web page. i like your products. when i get the $ flowing. you will be hearing from me. great prices! great products!

I just wanted to thank you. I installed both the hood holder and the tailgate holder kit last week. I am so happy with your products! Between those and the compressor/ tank/ air junction mounts I purchased from you, I am impressed! 
The quality of everything is amazing. Your instructions are the best I have  ever received with any jeep products! 
I have a 2008 Rubicon unlimited. Thank you for making products that make JKs awesome!



Hi. I got the bracket in the mail on Friday and installed it right away - the installation went well and the steering stabilizer looks a lot safer up there.

I'll be taking the Jeep out on the trails tomorrow. 



Just installed your Hi-Lift Jack Mount.  I agree that this is an under-rated product; absolutely the best location for the jack, excellent quality, perfect fit, and easy install (tapping seatbelt tubes with hardtop on is easy but a little time consuming).  Thanks for a great product, I highly recommend it to all.

NY Adirondacks

I just wanted to write and say how great your products are. In the past I have purchased the air compressor brackets and fittings which fit perfectly. Just the other day I received the hood lift, and I have to say of all the items I have installed on my Jeep, your instructions are by far the easiest and most complete. The lift itself is fantastic, and is really solid. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

F__k that was quick man!
Brett your the man.
Just wanted to let you know I got the tank brackets today.  Thanks for the prompt service!
Have a great day!


Just wanted to say that your Reloc kit is very nice.  Worked well, directions were easy and a very well designed product for a good price. 

Please keep me posted on any new projects...



Just wanted to thank you again for the EC kit. I finally got some time today to install it and everything went perfect! It was great doing business with you.

Tyler - Gainesville, FL


Brett- you're a great vendor! Glad we have you on this forum, and glad we have someone willing to make these design changes that DC should have thought of in the first place asdf



 Installed both kits this weekend. Thanks for the hood hold-down kit! I really needed one of those. Your kits are very well thought out and engineered. Had no problems following the instructions and had both items installed in a couple of hours. I also have installed your EC relocation kit on my Rubicon in the past, and would highly recommend your kits to anyone.
 Thanks, Jerry 


I'd like to be kept in mind on the proto gig. I liked your evap relocate, tailgate prop and muffler relocate (even tho I haven't finished the muffler yet) kits and it looks to me like you will turn out a good solution to the $500 suitors. It's my 1st Jeep and so far it's been awesome! I totally dig the aftermarket proliferation and it's even better when you find good products for a great price from a hassle free vendor.

Keep up the good work, bro!


CHRYSLER ADMITS DESIGN ERRORS: Hires Brett Woods to fix everything!

If Chrysler knew what it was doing, that would be the headlines! I got the full Woods treatment from front to back and it was the best thing I've done for my Jeep yet. He installed it all in less than a day. He's a consummate professional, a clever craftsman and a Jeeper who knows what he's doing. I look forward to his upcoming projects
Los Angeles, Ca.



My mileage numbers for the last 6 tanks of gas:

PreMuffler Kit
1. 10.85 MPG
2. 11.75 MPG
3. 10.26 MPG (Top off the Jeep)

Average: 10.96 MPG

PostMuffler Kit
1. 12.93 MPG
2. 11.93 MPG
3. 11.29 MPG (Top off the Jeep)

Average: 12.05 MPG

So, I'm seeing a 1.09 MPG increase right now. I will continue to track it as I think the increase is closer to 1.5 MPG.



Got both the evap can relocated and the exhaust done today. No hang ups at all. Thanks for designing that bracket for the lazy like me. asdf


Just a short note to give props to Wood's on a great product. The Evap Canister Relocation Kit he sells is great. I installed it this last weekend (about 2 hour install including waiting for some paint to dry). The install instructions are clear and well thought out, which is a nice change from the usual install instructions that come with most accessories.

And for those that are planning the install - a unibit and a right angle drill are your friends asdf

Thanks for working on this so much, by the way. I have a lot of appreciation for folks that listen to their consumers and build what they are after. If companies worked the same way you do, we'd all have a lot more mods by now. asdf


You have tons of great posts here with a lot of time invested. People CHARGE for what you do right here in this forum, much less for selling parts. The fact that you're willing to sit here and give free advise speaks a lot of your character. Thanks.

I will give a big X3 on that. You actually take the time to develop a product so it works right the first time. Most companies just rush things out the door so they can start cashing in. There is alot to be said for the small business manasdf

Thank you Woods!
Can't really express my appreciation for all your work.
As for the delivery time it's not a real issue to me. Only thing is that, depending when you have the kit available, I may order and pay right away but ask you for shipment after August in order to make sure there is somebody to pick up shipment. Count me in!


Hey, i got my kit in and got it on! great instructions included and a quick and easy install. everything went together well. just watch out for that differential cover it'll cut your head open LOL
again thanks. i'll be recommending it to every one.

Brett...incredible stuff, I went to your web page and will be ordering from you soon(waiting for my income tax) man your in the right profession I love all the items your making....keep up the GREAT work!


Where can I find your stuff on the web - your the most freethinking manufacturer I have met. Keep going!


I'd like to say what you are doing is pretty awesome and innovative.


Great products, and still great prices. I'm ordering right now, thanks for the great communication and commitment to service. It's what makes guys like David and you really stand out among this community.

I'd give my money to enthusiasts with great service 10 times over the discount warehouse guys that you can never reach when there's an issue. I easily spend more time/money dealing with service issues when dealing with the discount houses then I can possibly save over all my orders with them.

Thanks again Brett.



Hey Brett,

Just wanted to let you know that i finally got around to installing the evap relocation kit

ITS AWESOME,  you truly did an excellent job with this kit

Took me 2 hours taking my time

Anyways just wanted to thank you again



I just ordered my relocation kit. Hope it gets here in time for N.C. Your scaring me with those detailed instructions. haha I'm used to directions that have no more than 3-5 steps. All kidding aside, by seeing how detailed the instructions are I feel a lot more confident working on this myself. Thats what convinced me to order it.



Got the kit and I must say the direction are top notch.  I wish the (Major aftermarket manufacturer name removed) kit I just got came with directions up to your specs.  I can't wait till I can get it on, but I have to wait for assistance.  Thanks.

Chris aka element981


Thanks Brett.
By the way, you seem to be doing a great job – great products, good write ups, and excellent customer focus.
Now it is easy to order too.
Thanks again,

’07 4 dr Rubicon



Brett everything I have purchased from you is just plain AWESOME! Your attention to detail goes far above anyone else on the market (and I mean the big companies as well!)

I cant wait to see what else you come up with for the JK's. You ever need anyone to test, trial install, or what ever you might need. You just shoot me a email or give me a call @ 702-716-5552 (It's a Vegas number but I live in Idaho now!) My email is wh****

Keep up the great work!



Hi Brett,

Just purchased Evap & stabilizer bracket from your web site. Thanks for all your work developing this stuff.



I just placed my order for the bundle. I wish I had it yesterday, I bought a lawnmower, and the tailgate kept closing as I was trying to load the thing into the jeep. I wish Jeep had Woods on their engineering team!


Brett, installed your evap kit today.  First great design and directions!  Took 3 hours but that included the trip to the hardware store for some primer and the time to paint all the metal.   I do have a couple of questions.  Are you seeing any abnormal wear to the parking brake cables since the bracket had to be removed?  The cables now rub against the evap canister but they look pretty stout so I doubt we will see any problems but just curious.  Have you installed this kit on a JK that hasn't been lifted?  At first I was concerned the differential could hit if you fully compressed the springs.  I have a 2.5" BB so it looks like there is no way the differential could hit but it could be close without a lift.   

Anyway, that for the great product.

Dan A.


Got mine installed and was no problem, give yourself 1.5-2 hours to do it. Directions I had were great, with good clear pictures. I didn't use a right angle drill cause I don't have one and I really didn't get to use the sawzall as much as I would have liked!



I received one of the new ss brackets today. Easy install took me all of 30 minutes! Great design. Great customer service. Thank you and keep up the good work!



Hey man, I just checked out your site... Seems like JEEP should have called you before they released the JK!


Hi Brett-
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the JK hood shock kit and the JK taigate shock kit. They installed with little difficulty and work perfectly. I can't imagine life without them now!
Now, how about working on something to hold the front doors open when getting in or exiting?
Thanks for the great products.
Sandown, NH


I ordered two high backs and two low backs with headrests. Seats arrived in a few days, and are top notch. One of the low backs was damaged in shipping. I was not too concerned, since it says no refunds or exchanges on the first post. I requested a shipping price on a back seat, and just mentioned the tear. Brett went out of his way to find me options for the torn seat, even though I didn't ask. Top notch vendor. By far one of the easiest transactions and correspondence I have experienced.



Here's some detail that I've put together regarding the Evap Canister:

What’s better relocating the Evap Canister or Using a Skid Plate over the Evap Canister?

Evap Can Skid kit
- By far the easiest method to protect the evap can. 4 bolts and it's done. Some don't consider this much of a pro, as some folks enjoy working on their Jeep.
- As you stated, no new holes.
- Keeping the Evap Can in the stock location will avoid any possible explaining at smog cert time. Not that I expect there to be a problem, but a sharp tech may notice that it's not in the stock location. The relocation may need to be pointed out to them.

- Price
- Doesn't allow optimum relocation of the muffler and or does not improve clearance.
- Heavy (not that heavy, but some folks don't like adding weight so I have to mention it).

Relocation Kit
- Price
- Improves clearance and makes this a non issue

- Much longer install process
- Must drill holes in the Jeep. When I first bought my JK I also had this concern, but after you do it, this becomes a none-issue.

The install procedure is rock solid and I've worked very hard to implement all feed back from customers. I've sold over 60 of these kits. I have not had a single customer complaint or even a concern about the install process.

Now my general opinion. If you enjoy working on your JK, then you'll be happier with the Relocation Kit. If you just want to solve the problem with the easiest method possible, then you'll be happier with the skid.

Is there going to be a TSB for the Evap Canister?
I chased down, what I think is the start of the rumor about the TSB (this actually started as a recall). A forum member, (1BADJK, who is a really good guy, BTW) was talking to a service manager (He gave me a specific name) at a dealership in Medford Oregon, about another TSB. 1BADJK thought that the guy mentioned a TSB about the Evap Can. I believe that this was a miss-communication, as I called the service manager there. He didn't know anything about a TSB for the EC and had no idea what I was talking about. I've also had a buddy at a local dealership look into this. He hasn't found any indication re an EC TSB.

Here is what I believe to be the start of this rumor. See the second posting by 1BadJK, on

Hey Brett,
Just wanted to say thanks again for shooting me those direction's the install was a piece of cake and 
the directions were great now the tops down and the doors are off time to go check this thing out.
By the way your steering stabilizer bracket works great.


Hey Brett, just wanted to say thanks for the Tailgate strut.  I installed it this weekend on my 2010 JK.  Very nice product, and the directions were good.  Nice to see that the strut is strong enough to push the door open on its own.   I very satisfied with my purchase.  Thank you again for creating this high quality product!
Best regards,

Hello Brett, I just wanted to let you know that the package you shipped on July 26th arrived today.  Thank you for everything. I’m impressed with the quality of the brackets! I can't wait to get my onboard air system going! 
Thanks again!  Brian



Storage Tub FAQ’s
Any measurements of inside the tub?
24" wide, 9" Deep. Bottom is about 9", and top is about 13"

How thick is 18 gauge plate? Thicker than the stock factory metal. It's about 1/20".

Have you considered cutting a corner to tuck up the exhaust for protection?
Yes. I have been thinking about changing the design of my Muffler Relocation kit. That would allow the protection that you are thinking of. This is a few months out though.

Any plans for a lid or will the stock lid fit?
Stock lid fits, but I've got a secure lid on the drawing board also.

Would it be possible to pretty/smooth up the top supports (1st + 2nd pictures in this thread)
If I understand your question correctly, the supports are brushed stainless steel and they look better in person. Not that it matters that much, because the carpet covers most all of those plates, other than the edge.